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Daily Burn: Is it the Right Streaming Workout Service for you?

Daily Burn

What does the Daily Burn mean to you? For some, it is a strenuous workout that helps burn plenty of calories in a short span of time.

Others believe it means getting in a great workout, causing the muscles and body to burn. For some, it’s about targeting core muscle groups during an exercise program.

No matter what muscles you’re targeting or what your fitness goals are, the Daily Burn workouts are a great online workout. It targets core muscle groups and features individualized exercises to help you get there.

Boot camp training, fat burning, or HIIT (high-intensity interval training), are some of the programs you can try. Each person has their own fitness goals.

No matter what yours are, the right fitness regimen will help you get there and maintain that physique. Forget the excuses you make for not getting to the gym after work.

With this fitness program, you have the gym come to your home, any time, for an excellent total body workout.

What is the Daily Burn?

The Daily Burn is an online fitness streaming workout. There are over 1,000 streaming workouts, taught by certified, expert trainers in their field. The programs range from 10 minutes, to one-hour or longer.

When signing up a personal fitness plan awaits you. Moderators determine this program for each person and their fitness goals and current fitness levels.

New workouts are streaming regularly, so there’s always a new training module available online. For those who tire easily, this program continually delivers something new. It’s great for people in their 20s, or in their 60s, with varying schedules, and levels of intensity.

How the Daily Burn Works

The Daily Burn is an online streaming workout program. It includes workouts for beginners, intermediate, and advanced fitness enthusiasts. It features exercises for those trying to get in shape, build muscle, or maintain their health.

Several certified personal trainers are doing live streaming classes on the site. And, people will find new training programs on the site daily.

This feature also means there’s always something new to try for those who love varying their workouts. Those who have a subscription, can do those classes live, or at a later date.

And, there are over 1000 classes to stream at any given time, so there’s no shortage of workouts available.

Workout Options

The Daily Burn offers over 20 streaming workout program options to choose from. So, whether users prefer HIIT training, yoga, or slow burning cardio, there’s something for every user.

The programs available work for people of varying fitness levels. Some of the options available include:

  • Power Cardio
  • 10-Minute Tone Series
  • Cardio Sculpt
  • True Beginner
  • Black Fire
  • Spartan Training, and more

From kettlebell training to core workouts, to yoga and pilates, there’s something for everyone, regardless of fitness levels. And, whether people want to burn calories, fat, or build muscle, there are programs for everyone.

What Do Users Need to Use the Daily Burn Program

To use the Daily Burn streaming workout services, all people need is a paid membership subscription. They can stream and watch from anywhere. A laptop, desktop, TV, or other mobile devices can stream the live classes.

Additionally, Apple TV, Roku, or other streaming subscription services, sync with Daily Burn for live courses virtually anywhere.

Of course, the right level of motivation is also necessary, since it is an at-home workout program. So, customers must be willing to stick with the plan and dedicate the time if they want to see results.

Cost and Terms: The Daily Burn Workout Program

The price of the Daily Burn streaming program costs between $$ and $$. Before committing, people can try the 30-day free trial to determine if the streaming service is right for them. And, if they’re not happy, they can cancel any time, without penalties.

Users must be 18 years of age to use the streaming service and should seek medical advice before starting any program. Users who register agree to an auto-pay that the company bills every 30th day of the month.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Daily Burn

Like any program, there are some disadvantages and advantages the Daily Burn offers, in comparison to other services. These are a few worth noting.


  • Costs less than a gym membership
  • No limit on the number of classes subscribers can stream
  • Many streaming classes available, for all fitness levels
  • Convenient access
  • Easy to use
  • Growing on-demand list of new courses daily
  • Certified professional trainers


  • Must have a credit card
  • No phone support
  • Availability of streaming varies

It’s also important to note that people have to input credit card information when signing up for the trial.

Therefore, if they forget to cancel before 30 days, they will have a service charge on their account. That’s the case even if they don’t plan on using the streaming service going forward.

Alternatives to the Daily Burn At-Home Workout

The Daily Burn isn’t the only online streaming service to choose. For people who don’t want to sign up for a gym membership, there are others to consider as well.

These are some of the best alternatives to compare when deciding between the Daily Burn, or other streaming programs.

Booya Fitness

Like the Daily Burn, this online streaming program offers a free 30-day trial. Customers can stream classes from the comfort of their home. So, they don’t have to visit a fitness studio for a great workout. The latest streaming music guarantees each workout is engaging in its entirety.

The site offers users a workout plan it tailors for the individual’s fitness goals. There are runner’s plans, cross training, or fitness programs for moms.

A program from one week to 12 weeks is available, to help each reach their personal goals. There are several streaming programs including barre, yoga, HIIT, strength training, and yoga boxing.

So, there’s a great deal of variety, for those who like trying several different workout programs.

This streaming service doesn’t offer nearly as many workouts as Daily Burn. So, this is one drawback that people should consider when comparing the programs. It does offer fitness and nutrition tips, but not a set diet program.

That’s something many people want when starting out a new workout program. Streaming is available on demand, any time. It isn’t available on Roku and other devices, like Daily Burn is, however.

The program costs between $$ and $1$$, depending on the subscription you choose. New customers can also input a coupon code if they have one when registering, for deeper discounts.

Crunch Live

For those who are familiar with the ever-popular Crunch Gym, are probably familiar with this streaming service. Crunch Live features online streaming programs for people with busy lifestyles.

It has over 85 workouts available, which follow the classes that are available live, in Crunch gym studios. Dance, boot camp, yoga, barre, and other fitness routines are open regularly.

Membership perks include live streaming access, 24/7. So, whenever members have the time to work out, they can do so. And, classes are available on-demand, meaning members can access old courses at any time.

15-minute “quickie” workouts and custom workout plans are also available to Crunch Live members. 10-day free membership is also available, like other streaming services.

One of the great perks of this streaming service is that members of Crunch Gym, have access free of charge. A 10-day free trial is also available, risk-free, so people can see if they like the program.

If not, they can cancel after the 10 days expire. It costs between $$ and $$, depending on the subscription you choose.

Crunch Live doesn’t feature nearly as many streaming videos as the Daily Burn. For people who like variety, this might not be the ideal program. For non-Crunch Gym members, the styles of classes might not be what they’re looking for in a workout.


BeFit is a combination of free and paid for an online streaming workout program. There are free streaming classes available through Youtube. There are also three BeFit online programs customers can purchase on the site.

The price for these streaming services is between $$ and $$. There is a 30-day fat burn, 30-day six pack, and 30-day butt lift program available. With each of these, a workout program and fitness/diet plan come with the paid subscription fee.

Fitness, yoga, and dance classes are the primary focuses of the BeFit site. The site also features a few “health” hacks, anxiety relief, and detoxification hack videos.

So, there are free tip videos, to help individuals who want to better their mind, body, and spirit. No matter what their goals are, there are many great features to choose from on this streaming site.

The site also features inspiration, holistic medicine, and meditation videos. Unlike the other programs, the videos are available free of charge on the website.

Although BeFit doesn’t offer as many streaming classes, it does feature several tip and advice-style services.

And, many of these are free of charge. For beginners who want to learn about different aspects of fitness and health, this is a great program.


Another option to consider for fitness streaming is Udaya. This site is more in line with the mind and spirit side of health and fitness. It features yoga, meditation, and nutritional guidance online. Also, it has an enhanced and standard plan option available.

The program costs between $$ and $$. With either option, a free 14-day trial is available for people to try out before committing. The memberships are month to month, and people can cancel at any time.

With memberships, customers receive nutritional guidance and unlimited streaming of yoga and meditation videos. There are over 65 instructors to select. Additionally, classes range from 5 minutes to 60 minutes, for all fitness levels.

And, there are over 15 styles of yoga and meditation to select. So, regardless of the fitness goals individuals have in mind, there are many programs available.

For those who like to compete, there is a challenge section as well. This section also includes a six-day core challenge, booty camp, in office workouts, and more.

Liquid asana yoga, essentials, and active restoration some of the many program varieties available for streaming members. There’s also a global yoga section. Streaming is available in German, Greek, Spanish, and other languages also.

The Daily Burn Workout vs. Streaming Competitors

Some people aren’t fans of gyms and live workouts in person. But with streaming online services, such as the Daily Burn, you don’t have to go to a gym to workout.

No matter what your fitness goals are, there are workouts available to do at home. And, regardless of your fitness goals, there are several great streaming services.

For individuals who want the most comprehensive at-home streaming, the Daily Burn is the best option. It has over 1000 streaming classes, and new courses pop up daily. Certified personal trainers guide you through your workout.

And, videos are ranging from 15 minutes to over one hour. So, regardless of how much time you have available, you can get a workout daily.

For those looking for an alternative to the Daily Burn, Crunch Live is a great option. Especially if you have a Crunch Gym membership, it is free to stream classes online.

This streaming service also has a variety of workout programs. Boot camps, yoga, and dance classes are available. The site also offers 24/7 access to members.

And, at only $$ for the year, it is the most affordable of the alternatives to the Daily Burn.

So, even if you’re on a tight budget, you can afford to stream the great workouts with this streaming provider.

No matter what your excuses were, with online streaming workouts, you no longer have a reason to forego working out. And, with programs available for people of all fitness levels, there’s something for everyone online.

Consider a few of these great services, if you want to avoid the busy gyms. Plus, you can still get that daily burn your body craves, to improve overall health, nutrition, and wellness levels.

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