Your time is valuable and so is your health. The key to your success is maximizing both, and that's why you need to check out Total Gym 1500. Yes, it's the exact home gym equipment you saw on television, but it's no gimmick. The Total Gym 1500 is a legitimate resistance fitness machine, and you would do yourself a disservice by neglecting to at least continue reading to discover how it may change your life.

This post will take you behind closed doors and give you the facts you need to make the ultimate decision on which home fitness equipment is right for you. By the time you finish reading our review on Total Gym 1500 and other Total Gym products, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.

About Total Gym Products

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Total Gym is the brand name for some of today's best-selling home gym products. The first Total Gym came on the scene back in 1974 and has continued to experience success in the home gym market.


Many customers rave about their results and Total Gym has responded by introducing equipment for varying budgets. Typically, as the price increases, so do the features, accessories, and the user weight capacity. One of the best aspects of The Total Gym products is they arrive fully assembled and set up in minutes. Rest assured, you won't get shortchanged with a Total Gym purchase. In fact, you'll get a real workout with real results, just like you would in a gym.

Now, let's see what all the hype is about...

About the Total Gym 1500

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The Facts behind the Hype

Designed for today's home fitness gurus or anyone who desires to change their activity level and overall health, Total Gym 1500 pays for itself. This home fitness system strengthens and tones almost every muscle group in your body without investing in thousands of dollars of workout equipment. You can perform a full-body workout with the Total Gym 1500, right in the comfort of your own home.

Who Uses It

This product appeals to people of all ages. Its ease of use and design make it a favorite of pro athletes, hospitals and rehab centers, and children and senior citizens. Not often do you have a fitness product that can reach the needs of such a range of age groups, health needs, and skill levels. Let's find out why.

How It Works

The way this unique The Total Gym 1500 system works is by using a combination of your body weight and gravity. Each exercise requires you to lift a
percentage of your body weight against gravity through resistance. It's a simple process because the resistance is always smooth and fluid. The best part is that you'll never get used to it. As your strength and conditioning improve, you increase the resistance. Before long, if you are consistent, you will notice a firmer stomach, tighter hips, thighs, and buttocks, and a more muscular frame. If you've never tried Total Gym, you'll be in for a pleasant surprise.


When you purchase Total Gym 1500, you will receive over 60 exercise possibilities. It has a box stitched seat for workout comfort. Plus, its simple height adjustment assembly has a 3-pin mechanism. This piece of equipment is portable with no assembly required. It has an incline feature you can easily manipulate as it allows you to control the amount of resistance added to intensify your workout.


They make the actual equipment from a steel construction, chrome side rails, and clear cables. You can trust its sleek chrome body for a more professional workout experience. The product dimensions are 88 inches long by 16-1/8 inches wide by 44 inches tall, so you won't need much space to set up this equipment. In terms of home gyms, it's a true space saver. The overall product weighs 58 pounds and is usable by anyone who weighs up to 275 pounds.


The Total Gym 1500 is among the lowest priced Total Gym product reviewed in this article. The Total Gym models reviewed range from $250 to over $800. You will notice, as the prices increase, so do the features, durability, and resistance capabilities.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare. The reviews listed in pros and cons are based on actual customers who purchased the product.  

Total Gym 1500

Total Gym 1500
  • Comprehensive workout machine for strengthening and toning muscle groups
  • Employs user's body weight and gravity to provide smooth, fluid resistance
  • Folds up for easy storage; includes 2-in-1 exercise video and exercise booklet
  • Measures 88 x 44 x 16.12 inches (W x H x D); 1-year warranty
  • Solid steel frame with box-stitch seat; offers more than 60 proven exercises

The Total Gym 1500 can be purchased on for around $400 plus shipping.

Ease of Use                  

Total Gym adjusts easily so you can move quickly from one exercise to another. When you're done, it folds up for easy storage.

Assembly Time        

The unit, which is constructed of solid steel, sets up in seconds and then folds away for easy storage. It comes almost fully assembled.

Exercise Variety                

The Total Gym 1500 provides a comprehensive workout machine for strengthening and toning muscle groups. It employs the user's body weight and gravity to provide smooth, fluid resistance.


There is a  1-year warranty on the Total Gym 1500.


This mail order mattress was reviewed on by 32 customers. It received an overall rating of 3.3 on a 5-star rating system. 84% of the reviews were positive.


  • One customer reported losing 100lbs after 6-12 months of use
  • Best product for the money
  • 6 resistance levels
  • Accommodates users up to 250 lbs
  • Includes pull-up bar and leg pulley


  • Difficulty adjusting the equipment
  • Some users felt the product was expensive
  • Challenging to set up than suggested  

Total Gym XLS – Universal Home Gym for Total Body Workout

Total Gym XLS – Universal Home Gym for Total Body Workout
  • No assembly required!
  • Assembled Product Dimensions: 19″ W x 90″ L x 43″ H | Folded: 19″ W x 51″ L x 9″ H
  • 400 lb weight capacity for total strength and stability
  • Includes ribbed squat stand, wing attachment, leg pull accessory and 2 ankle cuffs, simple exercise wall chart with 35 exercises, training deck & Dan Isaacson's nutritional program and meal plan
  • Padded glideboard with head support

Total Gym XLS is Total Gym's top-of-the-line home fitness system and is great for ages 8 to 80. Thanks to this gym, the entire family can get a full-body workout on 1 machine. Plus, it works with all fitness levels from beginner to advanced.

Ease of Use                  

The Total Gym XLS comes complete with a total fitness program of workouts and workout tools to take all the guesswork out of getting into shape. It's easy enough for a child to a senior to use.

Assembly Time                

No assembly required universal home gym folds for easy storage.

Exercise Variety              

It has a 400 lb. weight capacity and over 80 exercises to work all of your major muscle groups—cardio, strength training, circuit training, and stretching, all on one machine.


This product is protected by a 6-month warranty on all parts plus a Lifetime Warranty on the frame.


This mail order mattress was reviewed on by 396 customers. It received an overall rating of 4.5 on a 5-star rating system. 88% of the reviews were positive.


  • 80+ workout options
  • 6 resistance levels
  • 400lb weight capacity
  • Comes with Total Gym Workout Tools and DVDs
  • Glideboard with padding and head support


  • High price
  • Some customers indicated the glideboard is very rough and does not glide smoothly as it should
  • Not really good for strength training

Total gym Fit ~ FIT Is The Latest Total Gym Model

Total Gym FIT
  • No assembly required
  • Upgraded Squat Stand
  • 2-Piece Wing Attachment for wider range of motion
  • Leg Pull Accessory with detachable Bracket

The Total Gym FIT, the newest unit in the Total Gym family, sets the standard for fitness excellence. This total fitness system features the best-selling AbCrunch accessory & workout DVD. It separates itself from the Total Gym XLS by doubling the resistance levels, adding an AbCrunch and an ergonomic glideboard.

Ease o​f Use                        

Remove from packaging and get started. It has a new auto-lock height adjustment system for easier transition between exercises.

Assembly Time          

No assembly required.

Exercise Variety            

This machine has an exercise capability of performing over 85 exercises. Plus it has a 400lb weight capacity for total strength and stability.


This machine comes with service extension upgrades, like an extended 2-year warranty and priority processing.


This mail order mattress was reviewed on by 8 customers. It received an overall rating of 3.5 on a 5-star rating system. 88% of the reviews were positive.


  • 85+ workout options
  • 12 resistance levels
  • 450lb weight capacity
  • Auto-lock height adjustment system
  • Ergonomic padded glideboard with head support


  • High price
  • Overall, not much different from the lower-priced XLS

The Total Gym 1800 gives you practically everything you need to start your own workout program to tone and strengthen the important muscle groups of your upper and lower body. This model is considered the budget version in the bunch. However, it still offers over 60 different exercises to help you tone and strengthen every major muscle group in your body. In particular, it can help you tone and condition the muscles you use every day to stand, walk, lift, and turn.

Ease of ​Use                        

Folds easily to slide under a bed or in a closet. It is like a real exercising trainer. You can lose your extra fleshes from 6% to 50% of body weight up to 250 pounds.

Assembly Time              

The gym is easy to assemble and folds away for convenient storage. It has a maximum user weight of 275 pounds.

Exercise Variety              

It features include ab-crunch boards, a Pilates bar, dip bars, press-up bars, a wing attachment, a leg attachment, and auto-lock height adjustments.


Every Total Gym is covered by a limited lifetime warranty, which means a lifetime warranty on the frame. The Total Gym 1800 Club has a one-year limited warranty on all moving parts.


This mail order mattress was reviewed on by 62 customers. It received an overall rating of 3.8 on a 5-star rating system. 85% of the reviews were positive.


  • 60+ different workout options
  • 275 lb weight capacity
  • Ab Crunch Board
  • Includes work out tools and instructional DVDs


  • No head support with glideboard
  • Absence of instructions


This review cuts to the chase. This amazing Total Gym product line of exercise machines is used for strength training, stretching, and pilates training to help the average person achieve amazing results in a relatively short time. Behind this inclined plane bodyweight training, it engages all muscle groups, allowing over 100 functional exercises on different levels of incline resistance. The key is performing functional exercises as a way of duplicating movements the body performs in everyday life, with and against gravity, to achieve the best results.

total gym fitness equipment

Taking all of this background into consideration, and knowing this machine is used and recommended by Physical Therapists and other medical professionals for anyone under the guidance of wellness centers, clinical physical rehabilitation, athletic training, and high-performance functional sports training, the benefits are undeniable.

So which product should you choose? Each model received raving reviews. Each can perform a full-body workout. The biggest differentiators are price, resistance levels and the maximum weight the equipment can handle.

Carefully taking everything into consideration, our final verdict for most users seeking to get started is the Total Gym 1500. Its moderate price point is most reasonable for the average consumer and its weight capacity can meet the needs of anyone under 300 lbs. It's packed with features and extra goodies, so you cannot go wrong with the Total Gym 1500 model. Paying more just doesn't seem necessary when this product offers so much. Happy shopping!

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