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  • Ginger and Other Spices That Are Good for Your Health

    Ginger and Other Spices That Are Good for Your Health

    You shouldn’t be surprised that spices are actually good for more than just making your food more flavorful. Like fruits and vegetables, they contain many nutrients that help you live a healthy life. The bonus is that they can also be used in many different ways, from teas to supplements. Spices That Can Increase Your […]

  • Adaptogens – What Are They?

    Adaptogens – What Are They?

    Adaptogens may be an unfamiliar name to you, but the name categorizes some items you might have in your medicine or kitchen cabinets. If you’ve ever used natural or herbal remedies, you’ve likely had some experience with adaptogens already. There are actually entire lines of herbal therapies products and even flower botanicals that are used […]

  • 8 Benefits of Turmeric

    8 Benefits of Turmeric

    One of India’s most common spices, turmeric, is actually brimming with health benefits that were realized more than 4,000 years ago in Ayurvedic medicine. Along with the spice itself, some of its compounds, namely curcumin, are the aspect of turmeric that gives it such powerful healing properties. From relieving joint pain and arthritis, to aiding […]